CISCO device with jitsi meet

Hello jitsi community
there is any way to make jitsi meet call work with cisco device
i see many topic from 2020 but i cant find any documentations about it
if you can help us ,
we need to make browser call work with cisco device like TV AND Telephones and other device
@emrah @Freddie

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thanks in advance :blush:

If you’re interested in joining a JItsi-Meet conference from a SIP endpoint,
you can also look at this project : GitHub - Renater/SIPMediaGW: A Docker based media gateway to be used on top of a web conferencing service (Jitsi Meet, BigBlueButton,...), in order to provide SIP (audio+video) access..


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i will check it , thanks a lot

Hello, FYI a new release of the Renater/SIPMediaGW is now available with a “All-in-one” deployment script.