Cipher for Jitsi

I am a great proponent of jitsi ever since I google for open source video conferencing application. I found jitsi-meet out of time list and I am not going back. In an effort to support the schools etc and more so, make sure that jitsi continues into quantum and post quantum world. I have decided to learn more on the encryption used in jitsi-meet. I want to know how it is done. My interest is growing day by day after I got my FQDN and set up my server (

I am interested in implementing jitsi-meeting using this . I do have a java library to use here. Do I need a pluggin in the browser. Seriously I will love if jitsi team can look into this with me.

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The media encryption happens in the browser, so you need JavaScript library.

You mean that I need to change my library cpp to javascript. Let me hear back from you.