Chromium doesn't work on

The chromium tab fails with the following message when the camera is enabled on

Aw, Snap!
Something went wrong while displaying this webpage.
Error code: 11


  • Chromium 90.0.4430.212 on Debian 11 Bullseye desktop
  • Incognito mode with clear cache

To reproduce:

  • Connect to the same meeting room using 2 or more tabs with disabled camera
  • enable the camera after the meeting is started


  • firefox works on the same client
  • when there is one firefox client in the same meeting room, chromium doesn’t fail
  • I cannot reproduce the same issue on my own server which hosts the latest stable jitsi
  • I didn’t have this issue last week

Seems like it might be version-related. Chromium 88 works on MacOS. So does Chromium 97.

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Not using Debian myself, I can’t test easily, I downloaded chrome 90.0.4430 from here (it may not match exactly the build). I could not reproduce on (or on my test server using unstable 6654)

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This sounds like the vp9 issue that was fixed in 94 version, if I remember correctly.


Seems correct. Now I can reproduce the same issue in my own setup too after changing the video codec

videoQuality: {
  preferredCodec: 'VP9'

I switched to ungoogled-chromium as a quick fix

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