Chromium cannot use Jitsi when in private browser mode... Weird!

This is so weird!
There is no issue with my instance when I am using chromium (Brave-browser) in a normal window, but in private mode, it completely falls appart… This is a new behavior that I have never seen. In Firefox it works though.

So, when entering my jitsi instance in incognito mode, it says that the site in not secured and will loop in “Reconnecting” mode. Does someone have a clue on what is going on here?

Browser data was cleared and the issue was tested on a computer that had never previously connected to my domain to make sure by-the-way.

Visual references by the way :slight_smile:

Js console logs?

@damencho, can you try my domain please… It seems like the site has issues with certificate negotiation…

I seems to be a hit or miss :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Okay, I had users giving me more info…

Chrome based browsers, it seems, have a hard time negotiating the certificate from our domain.
Firefox and Safari have no issue at all… I have never seen this behavior before… But the way my instance was built was a bit different too before… It used the Letsencrypt folder and all… Now there is only an acme folder.

Strange, I don’t see a problem with chrome incognito or brave private tab.

And the site loads with no issue?.. WUUUUT?
There is something not right locally with public DNS resolvers maybe…
Where are you located in the world?

Do you happen to know the command to renew a certificate without clearing the certificate folder and rebooting?

Us based.

Thanks for that, but the docker stack does not use this command anymore… Everything runs on…

Further investigation points-out to the fact that http does not automatically redirect to https as it used to and I am searching at the moment to find how to achieve this… If I remember right, it is a config issue in nginx config. I’ll report on that…

I will open a new issue as it seems that NGINX does not always upgrade the connection to https when accessing the domain.
If I specify https at the beginning of the address in the browser, it is okay, if I don’t it does not upgrade for some reason…

Yes, thank you, I tumbled across this same file in the bare-metal repo… It seems that there is an issue with this on the docker repo now… There is no 301 redirect in all the files I looked through this morning.