ChromeOS beta 83.0.4103.50 crash when starting Jitsi Meet

Using Jitsi Meet in Chrome on a Chromebook. I fire up a usual weekly meeting and immediately the window hangs and the ChromeOS user interface equivalent crashes (so the browser is there but there’s no mouse, etc.). The big recent change is upgrading to Chrome beta 83.0.4103.50. Anyone else? Do you know yet if it’s a ChromeOS problem? Thanks.

Don’t use beta ?

I tested this yesterday on stable, updated Chromebooks w/o problems.

Definitely a ChromeOS problem. A web page shouldn’t be able to cause the OS to go down.

Can confirm. M83 segfaults on when another user joins the room. M81 does not. Probably a bug in the WebRTC implementation which is under heavy development.


Does it crash when you use or when you use your own deployment? … but it’s clearly a Chrome problem.

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Hello. Same here using stable version 83.0.4103.77. I also think it’s a ChromeOS issue. Thanks.

I’m also using Chrome / Chrome OS 83 stable, and I don’t get that full blown browser crash, but I do get the “Aw, snap” page. Happens when another user joins or when I start a recording.

The thing is, it was working perfectly for a day or two, then stopped. The tirgger might have been my attempt to use the various audio settings (eg #config.disableAP=true&config.disableAEC=true&config.disableNS=true&config.disableAGC=true&config.disableHPF=true&config.stereo=true&config.enableLipSync=false). I was looking foir a way to get the screen share audio working, tried a bunch of things, and it was my first recording after trying that when the problkems started. But I am not using those options any more, I’ve cleared my cache, rebooted, tried from an “incognito” session, etc. I can consider it might be a Chrome OS problem, but it does seem it started suddenly.

If there some way those settings are being remembered or otherwise got me into some bad state despite all I’ve done to reset? Maybe like is remembering my IP address?

Same here. ChromeOS version 83.0.4103.77. I get an “aw snap” page as soon as someone tries to join the meeting.

83.0.4103.77 crashes with the Segserv error and “aw snap” tab both on my own installations as well as

Seems to be an issue only with ChromeOS. Would love to know how to remediate if anything…

I found a “solution” to this problem. Disable a flag in chrome called “Hardware-accelerated video decode” (search for hardware in chrome://flags ).
It may depend on the make and model of your chromebook.

Is it just for decode, or encode as well? I’m curious why the decode wouldn’t work only…

Same issue. ChromeOS stable version 83.0.4103.97 running on aarch64 CPU architecture.

Get the “Aw, Snap” tab crash as soon as the meeting starts when accessing

Interesting thing – I also run Jitsi Meet on my server in a docker container and that version does not cause ChromeOS to crash. While this could still be a ChromeOS issue, it seems that something did change in Jitsi Meet to trigger or possibly cause this issue.

I only set decode to disable

Hello. Now it seems fixed with latest update 83.0.4103.112 (stable).