Chromebook no longer works: Was there a recent change on

Just met up with some family and friends on on April 3rd and my niece’s Chromebook, which worked fine on March 27th, now immediately closes Chrome after connecting to the room. Those of us in the room saw multiple instances of her lingering in the room. Rebooting did not help. Kicking out her ghosts did not help. She was able to connect by using her cellphone, but of course that was suboptimal.

Was there a recent change to the that might have caused problems for Chromebooks (which tend to be light on RAM)?

Try going into settings and deleting all the cookies for and see if that improves things. You’ll lose the room history, but that’s about it.

I’ve got a gutless wonder of a Chromebook I use for some stuff, and playing around, I turned on the “blur background” option. I was unable to join a meeting after doing that until I cleared the cookies - apparently the setting is persistent, and it will crash the browser if you don’t have enough RAM/CPU/(I don’t know). Short of clearing the cookies, there’s no way to disable that option if you’ve enabled it playing around and it causes the room to crash.

Thanks. I’ll ask her to do that.

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the blur setting as I just chatted with her on Jitsi. I think it must have been the number of people in the room (eight or nine, I think). Her Chromebook, an ASUS C101p, has 4GB of RAM, so I’d think that wouldn’t be a limiting factor. I can only think it must be a bug in the in the version of Chrome for the ARM or in the video driver.

The weird thing is, it worked with nine people a week before. That’s why I was wondering if had any recent changes.

I’m also having problems with my chromebook. I tried clearing the cookies, that did not help. The chromebook will receive video when only on a two person call. Once I join another caller it drops the video. Going back to 2 people the video resumes. Weird.

Same exact problem here.

I was just pushed a chromeos update this morning, and now 1-on-1 meetings work fine, but as soon as third person joins, I lose all video feeds, incoming and outgoing.

My problem was resolved this morning without any action on my part. Possibly network issue.

Same here, just fixed itself :slight_smile:
Side note: My workaround before it fixed itself was installing the jitsi app on the chromebook.

I have this issue now on both my Chromebooks - It loads fine when I’m the only attendee, as soon as the next person joins, the browser crashes. I’ve tried this in guest mode as well to make sure it wasn’t one of my extensions.

Anyone have the same issue?

Version 83.0.4103.42 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)


Yes, I have the same issue on three different chromebooks. It works fine so long as it’s just me connected, as soon as anyone else joins the tab crashes with an “Aw Snap” sigsev error. It was working fine, I’m not sure whether it was a change in jitsi which provoked this or whether it coincided with the Chromebooks upgrading to v83 beta.


same for me

Can confirm, I’m also experiencing this for while now. No problem on my other Chromebook which is on Chrome 81. Works fine there, but the one on v83 beta, crashes. This seems most likely to be due to changes to Chrome, and not to Jitsi.


I have been dealing with this same issue, and I think I finally figured out what is going on. I was able to join these meetings from my pixel 5, but not from my Pixelbook go. I then tried launching the meeting on my Pixel in desktop mode, and it gave me the same problem that I had on my pixelbook (no audo or video devices found)… Download the Android app from the Play Store on your Chromebook. It will work then.