Chromebook audio not working for chrome version 74.?

14 aug 2020 I have just started experimenting with jitsi.
I have several chromebooks a. toshiba cb30, b. toshiba cb30-2 and c. asus cb202
The cb30 is chrome version 74.0.3809.136 as it is old and no longer supported.
The cb30-2 is chrome version 84.0.4147.127 (after upgrading from 84.0.4147.110)
The cb202 is chrome version 84.0.4147.110 (have not run update yet)
The cb30 sends video and audio and text to the other two but cannot receive audio from either.
The other two can communicate with each other via video, audio and text. They can send video and text to the cb30.
Chrome updates are interesting, My workplace web based professional development software would not run on the newer versions of chrome but worked fine on the old cb30. Google made no provision for updating the chrome version on chromebooks past their support date. My old cb30s outperforms my new asus cb202.
Google Hangouts is behaving the same as far as audio with the two new cbs. The cb30 is sending but not receiving audio. I have been using the cb30 for audio/video conversations with two users, one android and one iphone, I will have to see if this is still working, last used it yesterday.