Chrome screenshare plugin install not working like in jitsi-meet demo


I played with the demo and saw when the chrome plugin wasn’t installed, it would forward you to the chrome store , then you install it and then it redirects back to the jitsi meeting where you can then share your screen. I installed jitsi-meet and tried doing the same thing, the demo just said, “screen sharing extension failed to install”. How can I make it work just like the online jitsi demo where it automatically installs?


You need to create and upload chrome extension in chrome webstore, get its id and configure it in config.js


I already did that part, I have the plugin installed, added the hashid, and it works, but what is missing is that it does not automatically forward to the right place if it detects it is not installed.


What do you mean? Where does it redirects?


I fixed it, I had it configured incorrectly.