Chrome Rel. 72 & Chromium OS 74 Internal Error


After installing Chrome 72 we get an internal error. see image.

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Are you on the latest stable version of jitsi? Chrome is in the process of deprecating how it handles SDPs, moving away from plan-b and onto unified plan. You’ll need the latest stable which includes this change: maybe there are other important changes too but that’s the one I know of.

We utilized the latest Jitsi release. Should we revert back to Stable Version?

No, probably not. The error is probably cause by something else. Do you see any related errors or warnings in the js console?

I’ll have team to look into and advise. Thanks for the feedback.

Logger.js:125 [modules/xmpp/JingleSessionPC.js] <>: addRemoteStream failed: DOMException: Failed to execute ‘setRemoteDescription’ on ‘RTCPeerConnection’: Failed to set remote offer sdp: Media section has more than one track specified with a=ssrc lines which is not supported with Unified Plan.

Hi @netstairs,

The above is due to the change in Chrome SDP parsing, which is pointed Urgent: Update Jitsi Meet Now!

Please double check that you are on the latest Jitsi-Meet from the unstable repo.


Latest from stable will also work.