Chrome not redirecting user after authenticating with Shibboleth

I recently installed and configured Shibboleth module on Nginx.
After authenticating, Firefox displays the page “You should be redirected back to the conference soon…” and redirects the user to their meeting (firefox works great).
However, Chrome displays the HTML code below and does not redict the user. It gets stuck on this screen.
This has been tested on multiple systems and multiple chrome instances, and all of them showed the same behaviour.

<h1>Hello UserName!<h1/>
<h2>You should be redirected back to the conference soon...<h2/>
(function() {
 var sessionId = 'f6ccff7d-7f9f-4646-885d-e516c5f627ea';
 localStorage.setItem('sessionId', sessionId);'sessionID :' + sessionId);


I deployed my docker container with Apache and it works flawlessly.