Chrome new version limits participants in one room at 40 / 70?

Dear all,
Recently my chrome is updated to version 92. Then when joining a room of about 35 participants, I just lost some participants’ cameras. I found the following error in the console : [Intervention] Blocked attempt to create a WebMediaPlayer as there are too many WebMediaPlayers already in existence. See
After searching for a while, I found the following information on the Chrome Dev: Enforce a limit on the number of WebMediaPlayers per frame. (I0cb30c9a) · Gerrit Code Review (
If I understand well, with this limitation of chrome (I think applicable from the version 92), jitsi-meet can no longer render a room having more than 40 participants ? (I use laptop and I can see only 32 cameras before observing the above error on WebMediaPlayers No)
How can we get over this limitation ?
Thank you in advance for your help

No idea but as far as I know, the jitsi-meet electron client is currently at chromium 89 level
Server side, channelLastN could be useful, unless Jitsi-meet is used in a penal colony context.

Whoa!?! why would Google do that?!

Something doesn’t add up though. Their Google Meet can host up to 150 participants on a single room.

Anyone has any idea how they solved their own limitation?

They block participants’ video and audio after a threshold of about 8 participants. Then they use speaker detection to replace media player with another. This is F’d up!

Looks a bit like channelLastN no ?

Yeah, neither is good. I want all videos all audios.

Yeah, so do I. In our model, we need all audios videos of 35 participants.
Can someone give me some hints to check / improve the number of WebMediaPlayers used in jitsi-meet ? The fact that just about 32,33 participants in a meeting, I already consume 40 WebMediaPlayers probably means that the disconnected participants (and reconnected afterward) may consume several instances of WebMediaPlayers, i.e the WebMediaPlayers of the disconnected participants are not released automatically.
Many thanks

Can you test with Firefox just to be sure?

Dear Freddie
I just rolled back to the Chrome 91 and it works again. I will check with Firefox.
So I am almost sure about this limitation on Chrome >=92. Just try now to use economically the WebMediaPlayers :slight_smile: (The number of participants is just under the limit :slight_smile: ) or try to disable this limit.
Please helps me if you have some guide.
Many thanks

@mstran same issue on Brave and Edge browsers too? Both are built on top of the chromium engine hence asking.

Dear @metadata ,
Edge is OK because I just check, in my PC it still uses Chrome 91. So up to the time Edge upgrades to 92, the limit is not applicable to Edge.
By the way I just know that Edge is built on the top of Chromium, so Jitsi / Webrtc is totally compatible to Edge now ?
Many thanks

Thanks for confirming @mstran.

Yes, Brave and Edge both are working fine so far. :slight_smile:

does starting Chrome with --max-web-media-player-count=100 change anything ?

Dear @gpatel-fr , Can you give me a ref to the doc where you found that parameter ? It would be a perfect solution / easy to deploy to get around the limitation.
I will check and report the result
Many thanks

well, content/public/common/ (IOW the Chromium source code). The ‘100’ value is just arbitrary of course.

The only way I can think of bypassing this issue is only by using an older Chromium engine. Google kind f’d all of us for bigger meetings. So an Electron or similar.

Can anyone explain why there are so many media player used by Jitsi on a conference without any participants. Just myself?!

For comparison, here’s Google meet


Don’t understand why even on Google there are 5 MPs

Dear @rn1984 ,
Thank you for checking the MediaPlayer No in Jitsi. It proves the fact that first we can optimize somehow the number of mediaplayer per participant per room. Next we just quit Google Chrome for Electron if google continues to lower the upper bound.
So any hint to check the creation / release of WebMediaPlayer in Jitsimeet please?
Many thanks

Dear @gpatel-fr ,
I just have a look on the code you cited (e.g. content/public/common/ - chromium/src - Git at Google (, I cannot find that parameter. Secondly if it does exist, are you sure that the const char variables defined in that file are the input params of Chrome?
Many thanks

Dear All,
I confirm that in a conference of 2 particpants, I saw 20 Players in the Media tabfolder. So even with the limit 70 for desktop, I wonder how a conference of 10 particpants can happen without causing the error : [Intervention] Blocked attempt to create a WebMediaPlayer as there are too many WebMediaPlayers already in existence. See 1144736 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail.
If I turn off the multicast option, may I reduce the number of opened player here ?