Chrome M72 moving towards unified plan


Hello All,

It seems that starting with M72, chrome is moving towards unified plan for SDP construction. In my current libjitsimeet custom app, I am receiving the following message:

lib-jitsi-meet.js:65977 [Deprecation] "Complex" Plan B SDP detected! Chrome will switch the default sdpSemantics in M72, around January 2019 from 'plan-b' to the standardized 'unified-plan' format and this peer connection is relying on the default sdpSemantics. This SDP is not compatible with Unified Plan and will be rejected by clients expecting Unified Plan. For more information about how to prepare for the switch, see
window.RTCPeerConnection.(anonymous function) @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:65977
window.RTCPeerConnection.setRemoteDescription @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:69456
RTCPeerConnection.setRemoteDescription @ main.js:462739
TraceablePeerConnection.setRemoteDescription @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:40274
_responderRenegotiate @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:28689
(anonymous) @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:28668
_renegotiate @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:28659
workFunction @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:28522
_processQueueTasks @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:28556
process @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:64443
run @ main.js:406602
runIfPresent @ main.js:406631
onGlobalMessage @ main.js:406671
postMessage (async)
registerImmediate @ main.js:406682
setImmediate @ main.js:406589
webpackJsonp.3936.async.setImmediate @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:63744
(anonymous) @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:64402
_each @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:63680
_insert @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:64387
push @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:64416
_addOrRemoveRemoteStream @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:28535
addRemoteStream @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:28470
onJingle @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:26959
run @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:56870
(anonymous) @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:58130
forEachChild @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:55838
_dataRecv @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:58118
_onMessage @ lib-jitsi-meet.js:60604

I am also getting the following error from the same app:

ERROR: [lib-jitsi-meet] [modules/xmpp/JingleSessionPC.js] addRemoteStream failed: setRemoteDescription failed: InvalidAccessError: Failed to set remote offer sdp: Media section has more than one track specified with a=ssrc lines which is not supported with Unified Plan.

What are the plans for libjitsimeet to support the “unified-plan”?




Yes, we are aware of this. A fix for this is now on PR: It should be part of the stable release soon.


Thanks @saghul!!! Waiting for this commit to appear in stable release.


Sorry to bother you @saghul, but when do you think this commit might appear in the stable release?



@saghul t looks like chrome M72 is approaching stable release, but the above-mentioned change is not in stable jitsi-meet repo yet. Can you please let us know when would this change be in the stable jitsi-meet repo?




This is a really urgent issue for us as Chrome M72 will break the current stable jitsi-meet release. Would really appreciate your input on this.



Thanks for the reminder. I’ll tap some shoulders.