Chrome is being controlled by automated software message at recorded video

As you can see at the post topic, when I do a record, at the top of the video I see Chrome is being controlled by automated software. I googled a little and find that this happens since Chrome 76 version. I tried the workarounds found at google, but I still having that message at recorded videos.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!!

I saw a solution for this today on

You can create a police to remove this message on your Jibri Server

mkdir -p /etc/opt/chrome/policies/managed
echo ‘{ “CommandLineFlagSecurityWarningsEnabled”: false }’ >>/etc/opt/chrome/policies/managed/managed_policies.json

The link does not have this detailed, only in the video he shows this solution !

It works!!! What a simple workaround!! Thanks a lot!!!

Only one thing, I use copy/paste for the commands, but when file was created it was wrong. I don’t know why, but the ’ and " are different tippo that my terminal uses, so I edited the file and left like this writting it:

“CommandLineFlagSecurityWarningsEnabled”: false

Beware of the " if you copy/paste this!!

Thanks again Lissandro!!


Yes that is for shell typing

if you copy and paste its like you said. Im happy i could help someone here, im also learning a lot about jitsi and jibri

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Our jibri installation already contained the managed_policies.json, however, the note mentioned above is still being displayed, what might be the reason for this? Thanks for any hints!

You probably have curly quotes in the policy, so it’s not being obeyed. Check the policy.

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Yes, that was the problem. Thanks a lot!