Chrome Extensions Dialog

Is there a way to disable the Dialog that appears asking the user to install chrome extensions? Even when you check the "Don’t show this again, it still appears each time Jitsi Meet is started in a browser.

yup… just set


in interface_config.js


Thank you for the reply, but I am not aware of such a file…I have a VB.NET Application using a CefSharp browser to display the Jitsi Meets Web Site. Where would I find the interface_config.js file? It sounds like a java script file somewhere? I have multiple users with this Application, can I set this on each persons PC?

you didnt say what you were using. if you are using a public hosted server then you cannot get rid of it. its a jitsi server setting,.

Hi @masteryoda

I am new to Jitsi and have the same issues. I am using Jitsi on an application that I have created for people that have limited contact with their family and friends due to Covid. My application does not have a touch screen or mouse or keyboard and no way of dismissing the banner.

Is there an instance that I can use that does not have this banner?
I am in very early stages of setting this up and will go to a dedicated server once I have enough people using the service.

I don’t mind paying for this but as long as it does not cost to much as I am not charging for the service. This could be something that could help allot of people feel more connected during Covid.

I am using chromium in my application and cannot save the dismiss banner.


That is not true.

include this in the options object:

interfaceConfigOverwrite = {