Chrome extension invalid error on JaaS

I’m using JaaS ( in an iframe and on Chrome I just started receiving an error regarding chrome extensions.


The page is completely unusable when this occurs. It freezes and I cannot click anything. I usually get an alert saying that the page is not responding if I want to wait or kill it.

Interestingly it doesn’t happen in incognito, however I want to know the cause behind this because clearing cache is not good enough especially for other users.

I don’t know what other information is useful here. I’m using latest Chrome Version 94.0.4606.71. In the network I see that it is loading from this url if this version is useful at all.

Not sure why is that, will bring it to the team to investigate.

Where do you see the blocking … is it on entering a meeting or prejoin screen?

The blocking happens on prejoin screen. I cannot get past it because the website freezes.

Can you do as small experiment?
Pass a config overwrite for enableTalkWhileMuted: false and enableNoisyMicDetection: false . Do you see a change?

No, does not change anything.