Chrome browser version 83+ on Android crashes when a user joins

I created a room on on my desktop chrome browser running latest version (Version 83.0.4103.61 (Officiel version) (64-bit)), which worked fine.

I then connected to the same room from my samsung table running Android Chrome version, which is the latest as I can’t update it any further. When I approved my camera I instantly disconnect and get an “Aw, Snap” Chrome error.
If I join without approving my camera, I can stay connected to the room.
FYI, I know jitsi is not recommended to run on an Android browser with Desktop Site checked.

I tried clearing all browser data, cookies and storage, but it still didn’t work.

I then uninstalled chrome from my tablet and reinstalled it and the version is now 81.0.4044.138, for some reason I can’t update it any further.

I then tried to connect to the same room I still had open from my desktop Chrome browser, and it worked. Camera, audio all worked fine.

I even tried to install Chrome Canary on the tablet, it was running version 85+, and it too had the same issues where it instantly crashed after the camera was allowed.

I also tried Brave and Firefox browser Android browsers on the same tablet, and they all worked fine when connecting to the some room.

Are anybody experience this issue aswell?