Chrome browser disconnects after 30 seconds - Other browsers work - my personal deployment

I’m having a weird problem. There is 1 one user, who connects to my jitsi server and after 30 seconds gets kicked out.

The JVB.log shows “can not connect to port” error, and the user’s console shows “Bridge channel send No opened channel”

User Workflow:

  • Is able to connect:
    • Jitsi hosted meetings, using chrome
    • My hosted meeting using opera
    • My hosted meeting user chrome on their desktop
  • Is not able to connect
    • To my hosted meeting, using Chrome on their laptop
      • Wifi or LAN cable


  • Hosted Docker jitsi install
  • held about 20 meetings with 40 different users with out problems.


  • Used Google Stun in jitsi/meet/config
  • Opened all ports on AWS firewall

This user is in Europe, and I’m hosting in Oregon. I thought this might be a problem, but the fact that browsers other than chrome work, leads me to exclude this as a problem.
I’ve also tried to use a different STUN server thinking this was the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,

What errors do you see in the JS console?

Bridge channel send: No open channel

Please paste a full log.