Chrome Browser Crash when starting screen sharing

I noticed this in my environment too but i was able to see a way to turn around this crashes…

My desktop has a resolution of 2560x1080 and sometimes when sharing the “full screen” and stop sharing… my chrome browser crashes but im still able to hear and talk, but cant do shi-t until i close and open again my browser…

Im now sharing only an application or chrome tab, but i put this only half size on my screen, or 1280x1080.
I have no idea if there is something related but after share like this i had no more problems and crashes.

Hi, I’ve noticed this too, only recently.

Screen sharing can not only crash the sharer’s session, but the entire browser can end up corrupted. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I can also confirm that this occurs ith 4k shares. Is it possible to limit the share resolution until this is resolved?

Still crashing for me every time even with Chrome 84 Beta.

I’m regularly crashing at 1920x1080 :frowning:

Uh-oh. That’s not good news. It remains stable for me on Debian 10.4. I’ll report if it starts crashing again.

Me too: I’m regularly crashing at 1920x1080

yep same problem recently started for me on chrome, which is a bigger problem on a chromebook - renders app unuseable for me
have tried usual - reset cache, unload extension, run in incognito - to no avail

I am having the same problem on Linux my temporary and annoying fix is to use firefox for chat and screen share of screen or chrome tab.

I’ve also found screen share in chrome browser across multiple video chat app Jitsimeet, meet, and hangouts are broken.

I feel the fault lies in the browser, as if I use firefox and start a screen share, chrome will not crash so quicky and let you share a tab but not screen and you have to be quick to switch to that option, so not a partially good fix.

I imagine the problem, lies in starting some possess for share the screen as referenced above after using screen share in firefox with some process started already, that prosses thus lets, chrome at list start a screen share without crashing chrome, only working in chrome tabs mode only, I guess this is to do with the extensive updates google meets has undergone.

please please fix, whatever the problem is I hope my experience helps people or chrome to fix asap


We had the problem the sharing of the screen only works once in a session. If anyone tries it a second time, it does not work anymore and the other participants cannot see the screen. I started a separate topic, but no one reacts to that. Do you think that the problem which is described here and our problem could be connected?

Hello, all. Yes, I believe this is related. There are many permutations. At first I thought it was one could only share once and then it would crash. But then other patterns arose to the point that there seems to be no pattern.
This does appear to be a Chrome issue and NOT a Jitsi issue. At least for me, Chrome beta 84 has been stable. Chrome 83 latest release still crashes. Looking at one of the early detailed posts, it looks like Chrome is referencing unallocated memory.
For now, I would suggest using Chrome beta until it is fixed in the production release.

Same problem here!
No matter which browser i’m using or platform i’m on; it shorts down as soon as i click share screen. I’ve tried uninstalling most recent Windows updates, restart system several tines, etc, with zero luck. Any one out there that can help?

This started just a week ago.

I am using Chrome Stable on Debian Linux - Version 84.0.4147.105 (Official Build) (64-bit)
It has been stable for me.

This may be unrelated but yesterday Microsoft did a major update of Windows 10 on my computer (reason given: my version is no longer supported). Today I can no longer get into Jitsi Meet. Everything else seem fine so far. Tried several times - do the blue screen of death each time with an automatic restart. Desperate for help. I’m just a user. Thx

Ouch! Does a reinstallation of Chrome help?

Thx – giving it a try but same result with Edge.

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