Chrome based browsers only access to webcam while Firefox access both webcam and microphone

I want to use jitsi meet on my Debian PC.

Chromium based Browsers

I did not succeed until now, and tried with Chromium, Brave and Chrome. Each time I am asked to allow access to the webcam and to the microphone, I get a popup with title: “Failed to access your microphone”, details: “Cannot use microphone for unknown reason”.
I tried :
Result :
Audio capture
[ FAILED ] Failed to get access to local media due to error: NotReadableError: Could not start audio source

The camera test went fine.


Now using Firefox (v74), I allow both webcam and microphone access. The only issue is that this browser is currently not fully supported. In fact, I also tried a conf call and I had a huge system load. This is perfectly acceptable as it is being worked on.

I wonder why both browser family behave differently when it comes to accessing the microphone. Did anyone already get this issue ?

Thanks a lot for the hard work

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