Chrome 107 STATUS_BREAKPOINT crash with VP9

Our deployment is jitsi 2.0.6293 ( so about one year old, 10th September 2021) via external api with VP9 enabled.

Since this morning, Chrome updated to 107.0.5304.63 and jitsi is now crashing when a second participant join a meeting with a STATUS_BREAKPOINT error. Often both participants crash, sometimes only the one joining. We switched back to VP8 and the crash doesn’t occur anymore.

But there is no crash on which use VP9. It’s really hard for us to update to the latest version, so I’m trying to pinpoint what change since last year fixed the issue. I wonder if the jitsi team have some hunch about it.

Because I remember last summer (2021) there was an epidemy of STATUS_BREAKPOINT during screen sharing after a chrome update and it was ultimately fixed in chrome.

Still the jitsi team investigated and took actions to mitigate the issue, so I wonder what was done at that time.


It’s seems to be related to the max bandwidth VP9 settings config.videoQuality.maxBitratesVideo.VP9.high

The lower I set it, the easier it is to reproduce the crash. handles it gracefully though.
When trying a meeting with a very low b=AS like:

then the video is very blurry and choppy but it doesn’t crash

I’d suggest you open an issue in the Chromium bugtracker. Crashes like this usually get handled with high priority.