Choosing a cost effective cloud provider


Jitsi being a very efficient SFU requires comparatively less compute compared to the network bandwidth. e.g. for a conference with 40 participants can be easily done with 2vCPUs but will require about minimum 5 to 10GB of bandwidth.

However when cloud providers like aws provide compute machines with higher bandwidth they also increase the availabel vCPUs available. This leads to under utilization of compute and wastage of resources and money.

Is there any cloud provider where we can choose available number of vCPUs but increase the available network throughput?

You could check out Netways, they are a german based company that offer cloud services. You can also set up custom “flavours” and choose how much CPU, RAM etc for your machine. I think I have 2-4GB CPU and 8GB RAM or something and HDD 25GB. Price-wise they are pretty good too.

any top tier cloud providers which provided this kind of feature?

I m looking to deploy in India for participants in India