Choose audio/video option using url

Hi all,
My task is just sharing the url for everyone to go to audio/video conference. But we have to choose audio and video option to begin.
Because we set the audio as default (by setting startAudioOnly: true) in config.js. So with audio, it will be ok. For video, I must turn it on. How to turn it on?

I tried a way but it does not work.
By adding the config option to the url like this: (turn on both audio and video). → this does not work after enter the url with startAudioOnly as true in config.js)
This way does not work.

So I want to add option -v to the url like this:
I want to use url like this: for video call (or for audio).
We can get the -v option from url to turn on it by js from index.html or somewhere else in the code?
I use the binary install and try to config it, but it we can customize the index.html,… to do it, so it will be great.

Please help.
Thank you.

Did you try to add startAudioOnly=false to URL?


It works! Excellent!
Thanks a lot, Emrah!

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