Chome baseline version


Hello All,
I am unable hear and other hear me on the Jitsi application in Windows 10.
Whats the baseline version needed for Chrome browser


Latest chrome versions should work. Which version are you using? Do you see your audio levels in the settings dialog?


My Chrome version : 68.0.3440.106.
Audio settings are correct.


Are reproducing this on


I have installed jitsi meet in my Amazon linux box and running it through the domain name.


Is video working, when audio is not? Do others have the same problem when using your deployment?
Have you followed the guide and did the port forwarding in amazon?


The video is working, only problem with audio in Windows 10 machine.
It is working fine for other members using Mac and Linux machines.


Can you test the same scenario using and share the results is the audio still a problem?
Can you also upload your javascript console output?


I have updated chrome browser and its latest version.
The audio and video working fine in the jitsi.

I would like to know the base version of the Chrome browser for the Jitsi Meet application to work. I need to tell the same to my customers.


There are no restrictions or anything. And there is no version to recommend. The best is to always use the latest.
I would say everything above chrome 58 is fine, there were some issues around 57 and the first revisions of 58. We had been using in production electron 1.7 and 2.x which were chrome 58 and 61 and it is fine.


thanks @damencho really appreciate it :grinning: