Choirs Practicing Remotley?

Due to the Corvid-19 epidemic is becoming severe, our Choirs is proposing to suspend practice. While, would like to know that is it possible to deploy Jitsi Meet or other options, so that the 30 Choirs members still able to to get together to practice remotely?

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You are free to deploy it yourself or try out the deployment we provide.

Thank you so much. will let the choirs to try and deploy.


@Bewweb how did your attempt turn out? My choir has used Zoom in one session so far but we’d like to explore an Open Source as alternative, too. Tx!

Hi, Marina
Have tried your site for several times, while it is not workable currently. The main reasons are the connecting speed and as well as the bandwidth from different choirs’ members.

At Taiwan, though, the government does not ask to shutdown the communities, we have decided, to suspend the choirs practice for at least one month. So instead, we are using the specific website ( to let members to practice their individual part, and also to practice with the actual performance which posted in Youtube.

Great of know your are going to explore an Open Source as alternative. Please keep us posted of your work, and let us know if you need any assistance from our side regarding the choirs.

Best Regards

Albert Chen

Though we did not use the Conference Apps for choir practicing, we did use it for rehearsing the song especially those difficult parts for time saving. Looking forward an Open Source Apps for Choir practicing remotely.

Thank you again…
Albert Chen