Chinese version clients for Android and iOS

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I am new to this forum and hope there are might be some generous assistance😊

I have deployed a Jitsi Meet vm instance and works well on desktops with Chrome browser. By changing defaultLanguage: ‘en’ to ‘zhCN’ in /etc/jitsi/meet/, Chrome users get Simplified Chinese web interface.

However, Android Jitsi Meet client (latest version 20.2.3 build 4129209) has no Chinese interface no matter what phone system language is. For iOS, because of the CallKit issue (, currently there is no such app in Chinse Apple Store.

My question is, for Android, is it by design or just a bug causing no Simplified Chinese interface? For iOS, would 8x8 be very kind (I can’t say enough thanks to the community for those open source projects) to release a special version in parallel with the normal version for those struggling Chinese users? They are facing increasing censorship and Jitsi Meeting could help them own their data.

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Maybe this topic is in the wrong place?

you can configure jitsi-meet to use the web-interface on all mobile phones by changing /etc/jitsi/meet/*-config.js on your server:
disableDeepLinking: true,

read more about this option here:
By using the web-interface only will solve your issue.

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@xranby Many thanks for the info. Actually, this was done a few days ago on my server and it worked fine on my 3-year old Android Huawei Mate 9 with latest Chrome. Until yesterday, the web Jitsi Meet didn’t work on my old iPhone 5, eithet with Chrome or Safari. Maybe it should stay in the draw eating dust :wink:

There is another problem with mobile web Jitsi Meet. I know it works best with Chrome. Unfortunately, in China, Google is blocked by the gov. Without GMS, Chrome crashes. My phone has Google and I use VPN for it. I tested Firefox on my Mate 9, my video is blurry on others screen.

Ultimately, I’d love to have native app on Android and iOS with Chinese interface.

If I have to compile these apps myself from source, where should I start? I have never done any of this before.

You have sourcecode for all jitsi-meet clients here:

ios sourcecode and build instructions
android sourcecode and build instructions
desktop sourcecode and build instructions
webview sourcecode and build instructions

I have only experience in using and compiling the webview.
i have tested the webview with fairly new iphones and ipads and it is working there, android phones and tablets are also working using the default browser.

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