Checklist / tools to be sure Jitsi is going to work


I’m using Jitsi a lot to do remote trainings. Have you got simple tools or requirements checklist to check if everything is OK to do a Jitsi (access to microphone and webcam, firewall, bandwith…) ?
I saw but it’s not very user-friendly. Very often something is red, but Jitsi is working.

Thank you

You can always check your mic and camera on the pre-screen before starting a meeting. I’m assuming you’re using the public instance of Jitsi at, right? Jitsi is webrtc-based, so the webrtc troubleshooter tool at will pretty much give you the information you need to make sure you have the necessary resources. I’m not sure of what you mean by it sometimes being red, but Jitsi still working because in the case of your camera for instance, some resolutions could be red (meaning your camera is not capable of transmitting at that resolution), but so long as you have at least one resolution working (green), your camera will work on Jitsi.

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