Checking Connection Stats Displaces Tiles [Conflict between Latest UNSTABLE and CUSTOM CODE]

Checking participant connection stats triggers a tile displacement as shown below:

As you can see, when you try to check the connection stats of a participant, the adjoining tile shifts to overlap the selected participant.

Hey @Freddie I’m not sure how to repro, what are the steps and the browser you use?
Do you see the same on

Hi @damencho!
Just tested a regular meeting with 2 participants. First try, both participants used the electron client; 2nd try, one participant was on Chromium, the other on Brave. In both instances, experienced the reported. This was on the latest unstable as of 10/23.
I tried on right now, works fine there.

Hum, alpha is always the latest from unstable, so this sounds suspicious.

Maybe it was fixed in the meanwhile …

Probably… :thinking:
I’ll check in a bit to see if there are updates available.

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@damencho I’ve tracked down the issue to some CSS customizations I have in my deployment. It appears there are some changes in the last 2 unstable versions that ‘broke’ those customizations, hence the unexpected behavior I was experiencing. Removing the customizations fixed the issue of displaced tiles. Now I just have to figure out the changes made to Jitsi web that are breaking my customization. This is happening only in the latest unstable and the previous one, stable still works fine with my customizations.

On another note, noticed this really cool feature:

Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 3.08.54 PM

Interestingly, works on Chromium 88 but not on Chromium 91. Works on FireFox 92, but not on Safari 13.1.2. Those were the only browsers I checked on.

Hi @Freddie, this looks really cool. However, how did you come about this feature? Where do you see this Internet connection status? I don’t see this anywhere in my deployment and I am following the latest unstable also.

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