Check Jitsi copyright


We have a question about Jitsi’s copyright(licence).
Currently, we are considering using the open source Jitsi as a commercial service.
We know that jitsi is an Apache license, but do we also allow images of Jitsi’s web screens to be posted on the websites
we manage as a commercial service?
The image below.

Also, please tell me any other points to keep in mind when posting Jitsi information on the websites we manage.

I don’t see a problem with that.

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Thank you for answering.
Then, I will use it.

We look forward to further improvements in Jitsi.

Should be more concerned about what is inside the Jitsi frame if it is to be published for commercial purposes. Not an issue for 8x8 or Jitsi as such, but how it is used falls at the feet of the publisher.

Ethical publishing in this ‘new normal world’ still has a lot of ‘old normal world’ copyright and IP associated with it, especially if money is involved as a commercial operation.

Keep safe and well.


Thank you for pointing out the use of Jitsi.
We will thoroughly check the copyright information of Jitsi and make sure to use Jitsi.