Check if room exists or not

Is there any way to check that this meeting is running or not? I am showing a page before someone is going to join the meeting it will navigate you to the meeting when a host arrives.
I am not able to get an event when a host arriving.

@Rashi_Saini, Welcome to the community!

Have you looked in the lobby and the prejoin page? I am wondering if that will help achieve what you want?

No I don’t think so, I have added a login page before the room creation and the person with those credentials needs to be the moderator. Others who have the meeting link needs to stay on waiting page and when a moderator joins the meeting it should navigate everyone to the meeting page. The problem I am facing is I need to know on the waiting page that this meeting is started by a moderator now. So that I can navigate participants to the meeting.


A room doesn’t technically exist until the first person joins.

This may work to your advantage if only moderators can create rooms in your setup.

If you are hosting your own server and have some development experience, you can follow the details in this post (Get the list of rooms) to achieve what you want.

You should be able write something like that and call it asynchronously in the background by your frontend. Once the room exists it will be returned in your response and you can redirect your users to the meeting.