Cheapest AWS Instance for Jitsi-Docker to run

Whats the cheapest I can run jitsi docker on an EC2?
Im trying to save money since no one is on the site but it seems the docker version will only run on m4.xlarge and above :confused:

We used to run our instance on t3a.xlarge, but we always ran into cpu throttling.
We switched to m5a.xlarge and it is much better

by the way, instance ending with “a” are AMD based… they cost 10-15% less and perform 10-15% better with the latest gen compared to Intel AWS machines.

The best performance we ever had though was with OVH canada on a dedicated monster host for 125$ per month

The system requirements are a direct function of your peak usage and how many people is going to join conferences with cameras open.

We’re also using a bunch of bare metal monster hosts in a deployment where 4 videobridges are shared across 8 customers.

They’re 20-core boxes with 40 threads (Intel Xeon Silver) and we usually never go beyond 50% CPU on our farm, when serving up to 600 concurrent users and many of them with open cameras at meetings ranging from 3 to 39 participants.