ChatRoomMember name on JICOFO is alphanumeric.. Is there any way to change it?

Hello Guys… Please aai need come help. I’m using Jitsi Meet Android Sdk, with token authentication…i want to get some details about user who joined conference … but when i look on JICOFO log, i note that CHATROOMMEBER Name has alphanumeric value (composed by 8 chars…)
This value Represent Participant name … on chat xmpp…
Is is possible to change it, or to set this value may be setting some value on JitsiConferenceOptions??
Please can you help me? @damencho @Pawel_Domas @bbaldino ?
Thanks in advance for your support…

Please do not mention people in your posts if those are not already helping you.

Where do you want to get that and why?

You cannot change the jid without modifying jitsi-meet, lib-jitsi-meet, jicofo and jvb, basically all projects …

The proper way of doing this is enabling this prosody module: jitsi-meet/mod_presence_identity.lua at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

And this way every participant will have the jwt context user information in their presence.

Excuse me…i’m not well informed about policies to publish new topic… I’ll never do this mistake… i’m working on mobile context and i’m building a jitsi meet mobile custom based on JITSI MEET SDK for android. Mod_presence_identity is already enable on file /etc/prosody/conf.d/xxxxxxxxxx.lua… I’m using token authentication based on jwt… but when me or some user join the room, when i check jicofo logs, i see similar message : "Member joined " with alphanumeric (8 chars.)… I dont understand why… this random alphanumeric is not coming from my jwt token… because i already made comparaison… i just want to understand who generate this alphanumeric???

That id comes from lib-jitsi-meet which just takes part of the connection jid, the connection jid is generated in prosody.
Jicofo doesn’t have any knowledge of user jwt and there are no plans of changing that.
Why do you need anything there?

thanks for your suggestions… ok. You confirm that id comes from lib-jitsi-meet. During Week end, i did some investigation on source Code for Android SDK from here GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-meet-sdk-samples: Jitsi Meet SDK examples (Android and iOS) … It’s very strange, but i never found any reference to lib-jitsi-meet library.

Please i’m trying to understand well how does Jitsi Meet Android SDK Comunicate with Lib-jitsi-meet library… May be through “meet.jit-si” reference? i dont know… I check my jitsi meet server installation and i found path /usr/share/jitsi-meet/libs/lib-jitsi-meet.min.js… but android SDK has no reference to this path…

I’m little confused…and i’m very curious…
Please i want to understand where/how this id alphanumeric is generated…


Android SDK is a client, it doesn’t host Jitsi. It connects to the Jitsi server that uses lib-jitsi-meet.

And lib-jitsi-meet is embedded in it.

If you are changing this, make sure you change all places in jicofo and jvb and their dependent libraries to support this, as said in the doc of this method:

We require
endpoint IDs to be 8 hex digits because in some cases they get serialized
into a 32bit field.

thanks a lot for your response… great… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: