Chat storage per conference

Hi community,

Maybe its something off the record but i wonder if someone has a working manual or set of instructions in order to have PROSODY storing chats of the conferences in a MySQL database.

I have found pieces of info from here and there but nothing consistent

Hope someone has some light on this matter

Thanks in advance…

IIRC there was a project in the Jitsi Hackathon which saves the chat history at the end of the meeting but I don’t remember its GitHub link

Thanks as always Emrah,

I will look for it

You can try this if you want to store chat on file system.
I did not yet try to store on database yet


actually i tried but it has some issues with the lua and i think the message structure changed a bit… what i have accomplish is use storage = internal , there i see a .list file created while the conference is up … when finish the file gets deleted… havent been able to make storage = sql function (there is no error it onlys dont work).

I will keep looking and post if i succeed

I created a how to to accomplish this