Chat Screen Always Visible and Notification Sound

Dear All
I am calling Jitsi API with my Web Application and in the future want to convert the web application to Desktop application.
Now i have the following issues.
How can i make the Chat screen always Visible instead of user click to open?
How can enable sound for New chat Message and also change the sound file?
How can make RaiseHand pop to have Sound and also make the pop to be visible? Till the other user closes it.


The functionality you want isn’t in jitsi-meet right now so you’d have to implement it.

Chat visibility is controlled by this value: You’ll want to have that set to true all the time.

New chat message sound can be emitted from Looks like the soundfile is located here:,

For raise hand you’d add a sound maybe around here, copying the implementation used for chat sounds. To make the notification remain visible you would remove the NOTIFICATION_TIMEOUT.

Thanks Lenny

I have used Quick Install for my Jitsi Meet Installation. Cause the Manual Installation doesnt work and the documentation isn’t easy to follow.

Will i be able to still do the changes you suggested in the Quick Install Installation?

As far as I know quick install should still have placed the compiled javascript into the jitsi-meet/libs folder. You’ll want to make your local changes, compile the javascript, and replace the javascript files in jitsi-meet/libs. Some instructions are in the first part of this section of the jitsi-meet readme: