Chat notification sound make me feel as if a ghost just walked through me

The notification sound when someone sends something on the chat is so spooky! I’ve had numerous calls where people were confused about what that sound means. I think it’s not what people expect to hear when a new message arrives.

I think it would be cool to change that to something more orthodox, or add possibility to customize the swooosh sound to something else.

I’ve tried to find this function in the UI and search around the forum and github issues but didn’t find anything, so I’ve decided to write here.

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you can change sound by replacing your desired sound on server.
below is the path for sound files.

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That’ll do, thanks! I’ll figure a nice way to do change that with our docker-based setup and put it here for future reference

Is there anything new about this feature?
I tried replacing the incomingMessage.wav file but was unsuccessful.
Since my server is operational and in production its bothering me to start all over to compile again.