Chat - How to have access to the whole information written by the end of the meeting?

At the end of the meeting I noticed that I only had access to the last page typed in the chat. I wanted to have a look at what was written during the whole meeting, but there was not the possbility to roll back the pages in the chat to see the previous pages. Can anybody give more information about this? It would be important for my students to be able to copy and save everything written in the chat, Many thanks for any information.

The meeting does not necessarily hold on to all data int eh chat, it depends on system configuration.

How can I recuperate the whole chat after a meeting? Is it possible? It seems that it is not possible or is it a way to do it? The present page in the chat doesn’t roll back to previos pages. I would like to learn how to have access to the whole chat after the meeting, before leaving.

It’s not possible to do this, to my knowledge. There might be some Prosody plugin that can help you retain a chat room’s history, perhaps.

As saghul pointed out, if you host your own server, you might be able to configure it such that the full chat history is persisted somehow and made available to you.

If you’re accessing a hosted service (e.g. then there is a limit to how many messages are temporarily stored; and once everyone leaves the room, the room is destroyed along with the chat.

One way to get the full chat history would be to join the meeting using a custom client that monitors the chat and accumulate the messages for you.

Out of curiosity, I’ve had a play and cobbled together such a client – it’s very rough around the edges, and comes with no guarantees, but you’re welcome to try it out.


  1. Join your meeting as usual
  2. In another tab, join the meeting using Jitsi Chat Scribe.
    • Keep this tab open and it will keep track of your chat.
    • Audio, video, notifications etc in this app has been disabled to reduce overheads and distractions
  3. At the end of your meeting, you can simply print the page (as PDF, or on dead wood) to get the full chat transcript. Or you could just copy-paste the text into the app of your choice.

Some screenshots so you know what to expect.

And once you join the meeting:

For anyone interested in the source – PRs very welcome.


@shawn very nice app :+1:

So cool, thanks for sharing @shawn !

Nice one, @shawn! One suggestion (for self-hosted deployments): maybe you could make Chat Scribe a hidden participant, that way it doesn’t confuse actual meeting participants. Also, perhaps restrict access to Moderators only (I haven’t tested it, so this may already be the case).

That would be ideal, alas right now it’s simple a generic IFrame API client so we won’t have that level of control.

Would probably help if we let users customise the name it joins as, or even better, do the scribing in the background so users can use it as their main client (rather than separate tab, so only a single join) and they can dismiss/show the scribe panel as required. With a bit more work, I’m sure that’s possible. This was just a quick hackathon so I went for the simplest possible implementation :smiley: