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Following points I need To know.
1 :-I need to know location of chat history jitsi-meet , or how to enable chat history in jitsi-meet.
2:- How to save chat history through external storage (aws)
3:How to implement jibri for recording in jitsi-meet please explain step by step .

    1. The chat history is coming from prosody, so whatever you are looking for, try searching in any prosody releated docs and forums.
  1. Did you try reading the jibri doc


Thanks for your reply damencho.

How can recognize that my chat is saving or not .?
How can i find that location…? please send me example link


You have in your setring storage=null, so nothing is stored. I have no experience with storing history for muc so I cannot help you, but look at these documentations


Can you please explain

setring storage=null…?
how can i find exact solution …?


It is written in the docs


I am using apache2 with jitsi-meet .this answer
applicable for that …?

what is default location to save my chat without that procedure …?

any file…? or something else…?


There is no difference which webserver you use, you will always use prosody.
Where history is saved depends what you choose from


Thanks for your valuable answer damencho .

Can you please tell me which file (name) need to make change in prosody. with example link or only name that file .



The file is /etc/prosody/conf.d/


if i want to save my chat in any text or xml format ,without adding any data source what i need to do ,
can you send me ( file example .that i can implement .


I have never done that, so I cannot give you anything.
I was just giving you directions and documents to read so you can try configuring and doing that by yourself.


As your concern i put this line in my code ,

storage = “internal”

where i can see my saved history of chat loaaction .


Isn’t it written in the docs?


this line written in docs for internal storage for any file.

Example to use the “internal” storage backend for all stores:

    storage = "internal"


Did you check /var/lib/prosody ?


Yes i did check.
there is some key,and crt file …


The I don’t know, ask on the prosody forym/mailinglist. As I already said, I don’t know, those are the docs for those features, maybe something will work. Check the prosody community they can give you better ideas.


Thanks for your help damencho ,


hi demoncho ,

i need to clear that apart from that /etc/prosody/conf.d/ ,is there any place to put my storage=“internal” .

Because i put this line storage=“internal” in /etc/prosody/conf.d/

But no history found i also read doc but not got any sufficient answer .