Changing Username in 8x8 Meet

8x8 is not providing any support and I am pulling my hair out trying to accomplish what should be the most simplest of tasks. All want to do is change my username as displayed in meetings. I am the admin of my subscription/account, all of my guests can change their name in the meeting settings, yet I cannot. Instead it displays my full email address.

From what I’ve seen online I have to login to the 8x8 Admin Console:

However this is not accepting my login credentials from 8x8 Meet. I know my login is correct because I can still login to 8x8 Meet here:

Are these logins different? How do I get setup in the 8x8 Admin Console?

What do I have to do to change my username? I hope someone out there can help me. Thanks

I replied to your question in my thread. I go into slightly more detail there; long story short, I was told it’s not possible.