Changing the name of a moderated meeting

Whereas it is possible to change the name of a normal meeting, it’s impossible to do the same thing in a moderated meeting.
When i create a moderated link, the name of the meeting is very long and i would like to make my own name, in order to make the process of sharing it easier. Is it possible to change the name of it and make it more personalized? thank you

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I’m not sure custom and simple names would be possible with the because that relies on the randomly generated links to guarantee uniqueness and unguessability.

I presume what you’re looking for is a hosted solution (so not running your own server) and more friendly URLs you can easily share, but with additional controls over who gets moderator rights?

The simplest option I know of would be to use the paid version – – run by the same folks behind It is cheap as chips ($1 per month) and IIRC you get to create your meetings within your own namespace and only you get moderator access.