Changing the default name “Fellow Jitster” to “Guest”

I have hosted the jitsi meet on my own server, I want to change the default “Fellow Jitster” username to “Guest”. I have changed it in the interface_config.js file and domainname-config.js file. But on joining a meet from browser, it still shows Fellow Jitster sometimes. Do I need to change this in some other file also? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Hey there and welcome to our community!

Where are you seeing it sometimes? For remote participants? Can you narrow down the cases when you see it?

I am using Jitsi meet flutter plugin for sdk. I am launching the meet inside my app and have customised my app so that I can call another user and they can join the meet from within the app and their username on the meet comes from the username stored in the app, this behaves perfectly fine. Now, whenever someone joins the meet through their browser, I can see their display name as Fellow jitster.

Depending on what Jitsi Meet SDK version the Flutter library is using, it may not pick the config.js changes. The mobile SDKs never used interface_config.js, so we moved those to config.js.

We don’t maintain the Flutter SDK ourselves, so I can’t help much there, sorry.

I have already made changes in the config.js. And it reflects also, but sometimes it shows Fellow Jitster.