Changing Jitsi UI and removing 3 dots button on hosted server

I am new to server side of coding. Somehow looking at tutorials I was able to host Jitsi server on my hosting.

I am using jitsi_meet plugin with flutter. Till now Jitsi works as expected in app. What I need is remove text

You are the only one in meeting

and also remove 3 dots menu icon. Instead of menu icon I would love to have camera swap icon there.

What I have done is in /etc/jitsi/meet/ is below

// - if `toolbarButtons` is undefined, we fallback to enabling all buttons on the UI
 toolbarButtons: [
//    'chat',
//    'closedcaptions',
//    'desktop',
//    'download',
//    'embedmeeting',
//    'etherpad',
//    'feedback',
//    'filmstrip',
//    'fullscreen',
//    'help',
//    'invite',
//    'livestreaming',
//    'mute-everyone',
//    'mute-video-everyone',
//    'participants-pane',
//    'profile',
//    'raisehand',
//    'recording',
//    'security',
//    'select-background',
//    'settings',
//    'shareaudio',
//    'sharedvideo',
//    'shortcuts',
//    'stats',
//    'tileview',
//    'videoquality',
//    '__end'

But it only made changes to website version not on mobile app (I am using flutter pluging jitsi_meet).

Is there anything else I need to do as well? Please help, how to go about it.

Have you made any progress with this issue?