Changing interface with file under /etc/?

Nice: One can change the interface by editing /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js.
However, packaged files under /usr/ should not be editited by admin.
Instead for such configuration, a file under /etc/ should be used.
Is there already a way to e.g. disable unwanted buttons by creating or changing a file under /etc/. not under /usr/?
Many thanks in advance!

I had the same observation. My suggestion would be to fix this by an alias for the .js file in the webserver configuration file (probably nginx). Then copy the original from /usr/share to /etc and edit your local copy in /etc

Yep, what @clecap said. We are going to fix this hopefully soon, but the suggested workaround should help you in the interim.

Yes, that sounds reasonable until it is fixed in the package itself!