Changing individual's participants volume - where is it happening?


Working on adding another modification to local audio tracks for participants. I’ve been looking through all the code but it might save some time to ask where exactly is the function for changing a participant’s volume located? I know the VolumeSlider module makes a call to set the state of the volume. However, where would is change to the gain of the audio take place? I was looking for a GainNode somewhere but couldn’t find one.


Thanks! However, I’m also wondering where this change in volume is actually happening as a function in WebAudio, like in relationship to an AudioContext? But I could also be thinking about this wrong.

The end goal is to add a PannerNode that mimics the functionality of the slider used for volume right now.

That ref is a reference to the audio element of the remote participant and it changes it directly in it.

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Oh I see, so it’s just using HTML audio properties to change the volume rather than WebAudio?

Okay, a second question is if its possible to convert the media stream into WebAudio with createMediaElementSource for a single new parameter (eg. pan). Or will this break other methods as well?

No idea, sorry :slight_smile: