Changing host for Test Server


So I made a clone of the original server to create a test server and have a certificate for domain. The original server runs on and I want the server to run on abctest dot xxx dot net. I have tried changing the hostname on etc/nginix/sites-available config files but the page is still offline and I get a certification error.

I would greatly appreciate any help or insight.

How it is offline, but getting certificate error?

Certificate error is expected if you have a cert for abc, but run the host as abctest.

When I visit abctest, I get “Connection error
Your device may be offline or our servers may be experiencing problems.” when I inspect the page and I see an error in the console that says “Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID”

either get a valid certificate, or try to make your browser to accept the invalid certificate. Note that for phone that may be not possible, you probably have to get a valid certificate in this case.

Thank you for your responses and insight. We thought we had a wildcard certificate but the production server was running on a specific abc certificate. So when we cloned the server, it did not work with abctest.