Changing audio codec

Hi, I’m using Jitsi ( lib-jitsi-meet API - low level) for audio only calls and recording the calls in PCM format. So far all good and Jitsi calls are working great.

I see that the default audio codec being used is Opus, which is a lossy codec. However, I’d like to record the calls using G711 (PCMU/PCMA) codecs and other wideband audio codecs.

I see the list of configurations here where we can change the preferred video codec ( preferredCodec: ‘VP8’). There aren’t any configurations to (force) change the audio codec being used.

Currently we are using and soon we’ll self-host jitsi on our server.

Is it possible to change the audio codec being used with Jitsi?

Thanks in advance.

Please don’t create multiple threads for the same question/request, it’s tantamount to spamming the forum.

Apologies. Initially by mistake I created the post in Developers forum. Later I realized it should be in Install & Config forum. Unfortunately, I couldn’t delete the post there. I’ve now flagged the post for the admin to delete.

Thank you.

Why do you want to record audio in G711 ?

Opus is the best audio codec supported by webrtc : Comparison – Opus Codec

So today, we don’t really need to set a preferred audio codec to an other one.

Maybe for some next generation audio codec like lyra it could be useful.