Changes to interface_config.js don't apply

(I initially posted to another thread before I saw this docker-specific forum. My apologies.)

Anyway, everything’s set up and working on my local machine running Docker Desktop for Mac, and I’ve even successfully tweaked some CSS, but I can’t figure out why changes to interface_config.js aren’t being applied.

I don’t even see the etc/jitsi/meet/ directory (referenced in this thread) on my running container. Any ideas?

@Shotster How can I make changes to interface_config.js file. I’m not able to figure out where to find this file on local machine(it is present in /config/* in docker web container). It would be great you can share the path of this file.

Thanks for asking the question. I have figured this out since I posted. The file can be found at…


You can edit it there. Of course, you’ll have to rebuild the image for it to take effect.

EDIT: And as you mentioned, it gets copied to /config/ in the running container.

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@Shotster Thanks for responding but interace_config.js isn’t present under defaults directory.

Oh yeah, I forgot that I swiped a copy from here and modified it. (I need to document my process before I forget. Sorry about that.)

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@Shotster I made some changes to interface_config.js and it’s working fine. I removed ~/.jitsi-meet-config directory and then recreated it using command mkdir -p ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/{web/letsencrypt,transcripts,prosody,jicofo,jvb,jigasi,jibri} before starting the containers.

Glad to hear it’s working. In my case, I didn’t have to bother with the mkdir command, as the directory is automatically recreated if it doesn’t exist when the container is started.