Changes only visible in Mozilla but not in Chrome

my domain name is and after a lot of struggle in implementing Jitsi, I followed the following article on community page. how-to-build-jitsi-meet-from-source-a-developers-guide. Everything worked fine. But there is something really weird, i.e., changes are only visible in Mozilla Firefox but not in Chrome. @damencho @Freddie I know it is bad practice to tag you guys like this but I am in contact with you both from last few days. I hope for a fast response over this weird issue! Please help!



Try chrome incognito

Yes it works fine! Where is the problem then?

clear chrome cache/cookies. it will work.

I was stucked on this from last 4 hours!! Checked all my server files for errors and then suddenly tried to run on mozilla out of nowhere just to figure out that it was cookies and cache issue :frowning:

Switch to Brave Browser to get rid of these cookie issues.

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