Changes are not being shown local development. Probably a simple issue but stumped

Greetings. Love the project. Have git cloned source to local /svr/jitsi-meet. Nginx config points to this directory.
cd /srv/jitsi-meet/react/features/welcome/components/ edit WelcomePage.web.js and add html in the render function just to see if changes are made. Exit and go to Jitsi-meet root. Delete node_modules, libs and css change package.json to point to local lib-jitsi-meet. Also web pack point to my local distro of Jitsi which works fine. npm install no errors, make no errors.
Reload Nginx go to domain - no changes even after emptying cache on Chrome. The original colours, html all there - no change shown. New to react but have followed everything diligently and would not post if upon the 20th try it still doesn’t reflect changes.
Going crazy and I know I am missing a step - please help.

I know people are busy so if someone could point me to a tutorial even it would very much appreciated by both myself and lots of students in rural Australia. Many thanks.

any reason you are not following the recommended steps ? AFAIK there are 2 ways of testing the changes:

  • use webpack server
  • copy the generated files to a working standard install

both are leveraging an already working install. Here (as I understand it) you are trying to solve 2 problems at the same time: how to setup dev and how to setup Jitsi from scratch. Just saying that for you it seems a simple issue but for me it does not seems so.

Thanks for the reply. I have a standard install that works great. In cloning the git repository I changed the nginx root folder to the /srv/jits-meet/ directory rather than /user/share/jitsi-meet in the standard install. I am confused as to why, then, the changes to code then built aren’t reflected. In reading the materials I even changed the nginx to reflect the web pack but nothin appears. I am so confused. Trying to push myself to understand node.js and react development and would appreciate any tips. Many many thanks.

tip: don’t mix prod -your install - with dev.
This is basic good practice.
Default use is to launch dev web server and let it proxy your real server. This is advised

I use a variant

export WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER_PROXY_TARGET=https://myurl.mytld
./node_modules/.bin/webpack-dev-server -d

works for me. If you want to use your custom way, use nginx logs, good luck.

Thanks for the tips. This is actually a dev server (one of three I am using for load balancing my prod server) I cannot get access to localhost:8080 as it is purely a CLI machine with live IP. If I do the export as you recommend (and thank you for your support) what should the server root be for the nginx configuration? I built the dev with the webserver proxy however putting that path in nginx config shows unauthorised and I can’t fid the index’s file. I know this sounds like a newby question but I feel that overcoming this simple hurdle will allow me to make the art of modifications that teenagers would prefer. Interface-config.js while a great way of configuring is limited. I really appreciate your time.

Simply put I don’t need to copy files if I know the path I can point the dev nginx server to the built files. Thanks

Actually my ‘dev’ machine has no graphical interface either (it’s a container), I just use SSH port forwarding in the config file:

host mycontainerdev
LocalForward 8080 localhost:8080