Changed config.js or interface_config.js not work

Hello everyone.

I have clone the jitsi-meet source from ,then i fellow the instruction. in my Ubuntu 16.04 i execute "npm install " and "make dev " start it , all i had done are these.

Then I can visit the web project like this .

Now i want to customize the look, so i try to edit config.js ,remove some TOOLBAR_BUTTONS item and change SHOW_WATERMARK_FOR_GUESTS to false
and so on .

Then i stop the project and execute "make dev " again . but i found all i changed didn’t take effect. i also found relative code in the index page were same as before.

i found something in webpack.config.js

Maybe it’s related to that? sorry I’m mainly engaged in Java development, but I don’t know much about nodeJS. I am confused , what should i do ? thanks

Hi @Kimipoker,

The config.js file is being loaded from the backend. Not from your local development environment. You need to have a jitsi-meet deployment where your local frontend can be connected and you can specify your deployment with following command


Then you can run

make dev

You have to do the changes to the config.js file in the backend.

Thanks for your answer.

But I’m not sure how to build the jitsi-meet deployment you noticed servered on .

When I cloned the jitsi-meet source from then npm install and make dev , I just got a front-end, and it serverd by the back-end service which run on if i don’t change WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER_PROXY_TARGET.

It only provides pages and js API,Is it right?

If so, What support does the back-end provide?
And What should i do to build its back-end?
And How to configure jitsi-meet , let it communicate with back-end?

I’m looking forward to your reply ,thanks again.

You just have to install jitsi meet on a server (say on doamin ).
Then you can point the frontend to that deployment. No need to build the backend. You can just change the config files.

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Thankes ,I see . I have a vps without a bound doamin , can I just use IP?


The project default run on port 8080 , I should do like this ?


I had a problem before, when I deployed the project without adding this line , point host to ‘’
i can’t visit the project from internet by using add this can solve it . and besides I didn’t do the command you mentioned at that time.

I use another way finally in my virtual machine, use the quick install and change configurations.
before install jitsi meet i installed nginx .i referred Ubuntu install Jitsi Meet and quick install. When visit the project from out machine , you should add mapping your domain and inner IP in your hosts file .

There are some configurations location.


cd /usr/share/jitsi-meet


vim  /etc/nginx/sites-available/

config.js 位置

sudo vim /etc/jitsi/meet/


sudo vim  /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js 


 /etc/init.d/nginx stop
 /etc/init.d/nginx start




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I am facing now proxy error (Error occured while trying to proxy to: localhost:8080) when I mapped my frontend to a server where jitsi meet installed and changing UI on local.
In console it showing

[HPM] Error occurred while trying to proxy request / from localhost:8080 to https://server_ip (ECONNRESET) (

Hello Buddhika,

I have installed this source code into local host and run from 8080 port then it is not reflected interface-config.js file and it will take index page from What should I need to do that it will take index page from my localhost not from this url.

Let me know your concerns. I am awating from your reponse.

Thanks in advance.