Change Welcome Page Text after quick install

Hello everyone.

Is there a way to change the welcome page text after installing jitsi following the quick-install guide?

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Since I installed using the quick-install guide, I can’t modify the WelcomePage.web.js file.

I actually can modify the text using CSS but I was looking for an easier way to do it.

Just in case someone wants to know, these are the steps using CSS:

nano /usr/share/jitsi-meet/css/all.css

Search for .header-text-title

Before .welcome .header .header-text-title add:

.welcome .header .header-text-title{visibility: hidden;}

Now edit the original .header-text-title

After .header-text-title add ::after

Inside the parentheses add content: ‘PUT-YOUR-TEXT-HERE’;visibility: visible;display: block;

It should look like this:

.welcome .header .header-text-title::after{content: 'PUT-YOUR-TEXT-HERE';visibility: visible;display: block;color:#fff;font-size:2........}

The you can follow the same steps to change the header-text-description


It doesn’t matter if u used quick or manual install…if u want to modify something u need to modify it in the src. clone the repo then make whatever changes u want to make. after that, as i mentioned above make the binary (it will create a folder called jitsi-meet), then copy it and replace in ur server path /usr/share folder

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Thanks albercuba, you are a savior!

It took me a few days to go through the code with no avail. I am new to react, since I only code in python, mostly.

You can edit the app bundle js file in the libs directory to change the Welcome page text.

This is what to do …

From your terminal type

nano /usr/share/jitsi-meet/libs/app.bundle.min.js

as a root or sudo user

Search for the content you want to replace.

You can just search for “Secure, fully” you will see it with other content as on the screen.

You do the same thing to change description in the same file by searching for something like “Go ahead” you will see other text.

Made your modification, save and preview in browser.

Note Chrome might still be showing the same thing as previous, so you will need to clear cache to see the change in chrome browser.



@successtar This works, thank you!
I mounted this file from the docker container into the filesystem. Then, I recreate the container. Then, the text is updated.

@MathiasRenner You are welcome.

@successtar, this does not seem to work for me. I removed “-- with no account needed.” but it sill showed after clearing cache. Any other suggestion?

@probie did you tried to reconfigure then restart jitsi services?

Yes, all three services. Does it matter if I did it from notepad++ as opposed to vim or nano?

My bad. It works. When I copy the edited back from SFTP it failed and did realize it. Thank you for reply RubensRainelli

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Remember that Windows has a different line ending from Linux :sweat_smile:


Hi buddy, I see you managed to change the landing, I tried but it damaged my whole jitsi-meet landing page.

I would like to contact you by message or by mail, it is possible? I would love to have your help.

It’s not clear what did you done and what’s the behaviour now

Hi there, if you didn’t save a copy of that file before modifying it there is nothing I can do to help. I would say, get the file from a working installation and replace it in your server to fix the broken page.

Hi ! Thank you very much for the procedure. Unfortunately, it works for the “header-text-description” but not for the “header-text-title”.

.header-text-title{visibility: hidden;} seems to hide “welcome .header .header-text-title::after”

Did someone get this error too?

@ successtar your metod works thanks.
But if i change the language, the translation is not modify.
It is possible to disable change language?

yes, it’s in

line 34

I cant make it work, i edit that file, go to the url show it in a second what i change but it changes to default text again …