Change Welcome Page Text after quick install


Hello everyone.

Is there a way to change the welcome page text after installing jitsi following the quick-install guide?


yes there is, if you need professional help i can help you with that. otherwise i would say, u need to know basic about react, redux and es6 then read the source code and after making changes u can follow the instructions to make and deploy

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Since I installed using the quick-install guide, I can’t modify the WelcomePage.web.js file.

I actually can modify the text using CSS but I was looking for an easier way to do it.

Just in case someone wants to know, these are the steps using CSS:

nano /usr/share/jitsi-meet/css/all.css

Search for .header-text-title

Before .welcome .header .header-text-title add:

.welcome .header .header-text-title{visibility: hidden;}

Now edit the original .header-text-title

After .header-text-title add ::after

Inside the parentheses add content: ‘PUT-YOUR-TEXT-HERE’;visibility: visible;display: block;

It should look like this:

.welcome .header .header-text-title::after{content: 'PUT-YOUR-TEXT-HERE';visibility: visible;display: block;color:#fff;font-size:2........}

The you can follow the same steps to change the header-text-description

Welcome Page for a non-Dev

It doesn’t matter if u used quick or manual install…if u want to modify something u need to modify it in the src. clone the repo then make whatever changes u want to make. after that, as i mentioned above make the binary (it will create a folder called jitsi-meet), then copy it and replace in ur server path /usr/share folder


Thanks albercuba, you are a savior!

It took me a few days to go through the code with no avail. I am new to react, since I only code in python, mostly.